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Professional Course
Be a DOC Pizzaiolo


The pizzaiolo course alternates theoretical and practical sessions, during which the tutors deals with all the main aspects for making the pizza: from the choice of ingredients and mixing techniques, to the dragting, stuffing and

The course is divided into modules chosen by the student.

Every aspiring pizza chef will receive the knowledge to start the job right away, thanks to the teachings of Maestri del Team Accademia.

The didactic plan developed for the Pizzaiolo Course will be extremely practical and operational, aimed at the primary objective of training excellent professionals with specific skills, designed to favor a subsequent and immediate entry into the job’s world.

Who the course is for
To those ero wish to learn the profession of the pizza chef and have no experience, to those who are passionate about the pizza world and to entrepreneurs interested in opening a restaurant or pizzeria.

Course plan
In the theoretical session space will be given to the knowledge of all the ingredients and equipment you need for the preparation of the dough:
– Strength of the flour
– Production, necessary information to keep in mind written on the flour bag, storage in warehouse;
– Quality of the flour: protein, gluten mesh, W (bread-making factor), P/L Ratio
– How to choose the type of flour based on the type of dough you want to make;
– Strenght of the water
– Organileptic, chemical ( hardness, PH ) and bacteriological requirements;
– The influence of water on the dough
– Strenght of the salt
– Characteristics and how it affects the dough
– Strength of the yeast
– Morphology, its functions, the different types on the market, production, its role in the dough, the influence of temperature, the leavening curve.
– Strenght of oil, which one to use, when and how much.
– Pizza topping
– How to recognize the quality ingredients and the right quantities to use.
– Cooking pizza
– Types of ovens and cooking management.
– Equipment
– General information on mixers, ovens and work benches.

Practical session
Preparation of pizza by hand and using the mixers (knowledge of the equipment to choose and use for a DOC Pizza, and analysis of the various aspects related to the secrets of leavening)
Making the loaves and forming the balls by hand, after deciding the weight.
Preparation of the ingredients for the topping, and study of the types of products and their quality, care and procurement of raw materials.
Manipulation of the dough disc
Preparation and topping of the pizza
Oven management and pizza cooking
Cleaning of the workplace and of the equipment used.
Notes on economic/managerial aspects (Food cost in the restaurant, production costs, etc.)
Qualified professional training
At the end of each training course, each student will recrive a qualified certificate with International Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
– Certificate N° QMS19190043

DOC Pizza kit
– Didactic material (didactic, notepad, pizza DOC pen)
– Professional clothing (bag, uniform, hat, t-shirt, Pizza DOC apron)
– Accomodation for off-site for group courses from 5 people
– Internship (on request)
– Possibility of job placement (based on current market demands)

The course takes place at our office.
Either the seat of the student, or online.
There are different modules chosen by the student.
The basic courses also include the opportunity of a stage or job placement at one of our Partners in Italy or abroad.
To confirm registration, a bank transfer or a paypal payment is required.
There is also possibility of paying on convenient interest-free installments.

Our Team carries out on-site and online courses, basic courses, advanced masterclasses on direct dough, biga, poolish, autolysis, topping.

For more information on the scheduled courses or ask for a personalized course, contact us.

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